Care Instructions

Shoe and Sandals


Leather Care

  • Clean your shoes regularly - saddle soap works great or shu-glo
  • Use leather creme or leather lotion to protect leather shoes
  • Simply apply the creme or lotion with a clean cloth and work it in to the leather
  • Use shoe polish if need be to give it the leather that lasting shine or just spray with water-proofer

Nubuck Care

  • This material can be cleaned by using a small stiff brush to brush-away the dirt
  • there are sprays on the market designed to refurbish suede/nubuck materials (suede cleaner/nubuck cleaner)
  • Do not immerse suede or nubuck shoes in water and do not use a shoe polish
  • Waterproofing is recommended after cleaning is completed

Patent Care

  • Never put this shoe in the washing machine
  • We suggest spraying with a water-proofer or fabric protector on this material to help retard the dirt
  • Spray shoes after break-in period and before you wear them regularly
  • If they do get soiled use a small amount of soap and water
  • Try baby wipes works great if shoe has been sprayed with a water-proofer or a fabric protector




Dirt can be harmful to leather. Clean your boot on a regular basis using a moist, soft brush or cloth to scrub away dirt


Polishing is an important treatment in maintaining a new appearance for smooth leather products. For this purpose we recommend using a polish cloth or sponge with shoe polish the same colour of your boot


We recommend using a silicone based waterproofing spray to add a think waterproof coating to your boot, extending its look and durability

Avoiding Heat

Leather, glue and outsole are fairly sensitive to heat. It is best to keep your boots away from direct heat